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At The Ontario Dumpster Company, we are ready to serve all your construction waste needs. Whether you are building a new structure or demolishing one, we can help get rid of the large volume of waste that accumulates during the process. We have been delivering dumpsters to contractors indulged in complex construction jobs for years. If you are looking for an efficient, reliable, and affordable dumpster rental company, then look no further than the Ontario Dumpster Company. 

Construction dumpster rental in Upland, CA.

    Why Choose the Ontario Dumpster Company For Your Construction Dumpster Rental?

    We at The Ontario Dumpster Company carry a variety of dumpsters at affordable rates, because we know that each project is unique. Our dumpsters can service nearly every temporary waste collection need in Ontario and in the greater Inland Empire. 

    If you have construction work going on where you are dealing with tons of concrete and dirt, if you are looking to get rid of yard waste while carrying out a landscaping project, or if you are constructing or renovating the roof of a building and want to dispose of the shingles and sheathing, you will need a dumpster. 

    Sometimes you know when you’ll be needing a your roll off container, sometimes you just have an idea, and our company is able to deliver you a dumpster promptly in both cases. Just give us a call and explain your requirements such as the dumpster size you need, the type of waste you want to load into the dumpster, and for how long you think you’ll need it. Based on your information, we will suggest the most suitable dumpster to get you going with your project(s). 

    40 ft. dumpster rental in Ontario, CA.

    Reasons for Choosing Us Include:

    1. Our wide range of affordable dumpsters

    2. Fast delivery and pick-up times

    3. Top notch customer service

    4. No hidden charges

    If you’re not sure what size of dumpster you need, don’t worry, let our experts help you decide. Call us to discuss the right size dumpster for your waste removal job. 

    Who Chooses Our Dumpster Rental Services?

    Our dumpster rental service is available to a wide range of new and existing organizations. We deal with construction managers, business owners, facility managers, and other decision-makers at:

    1. Office buildings

    2. Manufacturing companies

    3. Restaurants

    4. Construction Companies

    5. Apartment complexes

    6. Health care facilities

    7. Malls, shopping centers and other retail shops

    8. Schools, colleges and universities

    9. Airports

    10. Industrial warehouses, and many more!

    Call us today to rent a dumpster for your construction work. The sooner you call, the better, because then your project will be one step closer to completion. 

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